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>A good language design may be summarized in five catch phrases: simplicity, security, fast translation, efficient object code, and readability.

you know this is yerevan, when you meet the organizer of the event at the event and tell her, that you had troubles entering and had to fake a ticket, because they only used facebook for the event promotion, and she says that she is sorry, organized it poorly, and next time it’ll be better, without a need to fake tickets.

Need to create a special github repo and add sources from Wirth's "Programming in Oberon" to it in a way, that they could be compiled with voc. Those are written for Oberon system.

need to write a text about two anti-intuitive things in photography - push process, and usage of flash.

we push when it's not enough light, but we underexpose on purpose in order to avoid too long shutter speed.

using flash in low light situations must be very careful, and i never do that, but flash is very useful when it is very sunny, in order to weaken shadows.

and do you know Viken Arman (Վիգէն Արման) ? He’s very nice, and I also have been at his lives. Indeed very interesting, and this video from Cercle is very beautiful -music

microkernel operating systems follow ideas of liberalism. on the contrary, monolitic kernel, is like a leftist idea, where you have big government which has to deal with everything. it can be efficient, though, as dictatorships as well, butif it fails, you’re screwd. microkernel means less central power, not as efficient, but more reliable.

"Here’s what you do when someone breaks something or finds something very difficult to debug: You say thank you. Thank you for finding this edge case. Thank you for highlighting this overcomplicated part of our system. Thank you for pointing out this gap in our docs. And then you go make it so nobody can break it the same way again."

Tanya Reilly, Site Reliability Engineer, New York City

Pashinian: Ilham Aliyev should send his son to serve in Karabakh as well, this would mean - like me - would have a personal stake in peace; interview with @aavst @EchoMskRu “We don’t want war, but we are determined to defend ourselves”

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թութը «մաստոդոն» ապակենտրոնացուած սոցիալական ցանցի տեղական հանգոյց ա, որի սպասարկիչը գտնւում ա հայաստանում՝ հաւուց թառի նկուղում։