just created this gif, with this script github.com/norayr/this_is_fine

note that it hides the '[adult swim]' writing by drawing a yellow rectangle over it.

since i know sailfish, it’s even hard to read texts on the internet, because those are either black on the white background, or whitish on the dark background, and all these themes are predefined by the designer.

while i got used that i generate the theme from the picture i like, therefore text can be on a blurred image i have chosen, and the colours are chosen by me, and its not just white on dark or black on white, or whatever.

our PM in his own town Ijevan with kids.

can you see how relaxed are the kids? nobody afraids or tries to be ‘decent’ because he is with an important person.

i like this man so much.

and did you see what he have had done with Merkel? he took her to the people, to the streets,
they were making photos with people, her bodyguards were shocked, never experienced something like that.

Pashinian: Ilham Aliyev should send his son to serve in Karabakh as well, this would mean - like me - would have a personal stake in peace; interview with @aavst @EchoMskRu “We don’t want war, but we are determined to defend ourselves” echo.msk.ru/sounds/2246298.htm

Featured artist: Cressida Campbell

>We stayed at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel, which was built by the Sarkies Brothers in the 1800s. They were the Armenian brothers who built the Raffles hotel in Singapore.

dumbofeather.com/conversations xn--69aa8bzb.xn--y9a3aq/media/

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թութը «մաստոդոն» ապակենտրոնացուած սոցիալական ցանցի տեղական հանգոյց ա, որի սպասարկիչը գտնւում ա հայաստանում՝ հաւուց թառի նկուղում։