just-in-time compilers imply the existence of out-of-time compilers

as someone who upgraded to Apple's macOS Catalina, all I can say is that Apple doesn't care anymore about programmers, specially Unix users.

all my configs are fucked, no idea how and why.

omg i just found it accidentally՝

>The EU TUMO Convergence Center has announced that MVRDV has been selected as the winner of the competition to design the EU TUMO Convergence Center, a 25,000-square-metre educational facility in Yerevan, Armenia.

and the article is published today:


>If you are already using GNOME 3.34, then most likely your session is managed using systemd right now. For a long time now we were already running a systemd instance for every user, which is used to launch DBus and for DBus activated applications.


gnome is so willingly vendor locks itself on systemd, probably because it is actually a redhat project.

>A flaw in , which controls updates, is capable of doing major damage to macOS file systems on some computers and has been linked to data corruption that struck Hollywood video editors

>Google told users via its support forums that it had “recently discovered that a Chrome update may have shipped with a bug that damages the file system on machines” and “paused the release while we finalize a new update that addresses the problem.”


what's that talk about support in , i don't understand.

so pixelfed people will be able to follow mastodon accounts, and see posts with pictures?

and what about fedilab? what does it mean that fedilab has support for pixelfed?

i don't understand, nobody talks about it in details, or i don't see it.

Certainly the #epo knows that #3dprinting is a case against the #patent system because just like UAVs it's an area where #patents held back innovation for several decades

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