this guy’s name is ben wheeler. he currently lives in tbilisi.
has made in gdr, hardware drum machine, and a lot of hardware effects.

somehow we’ve talked with him before he started to play, i did not know he’s playing.

he joked, when he plays, many people just leave. (:

so he has a soundcloud page, with only 11 followers including me. this is a very good piece by trentmoller and kalkbrenner.

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@cwebber Bakunin talked about all of that, except that he was referring to the earlier experience of the French revolution.

It's the difference between a political revolution and a social one. In the political revolution figurehead A is replaced by figurehead B but the same systems continue. A social revolution is more like the transition from feudalism to capitalism in that it's not really about figureheads at all.

the software i linked to is written in crystal. very interesting language itself:

>Crystal’s syntax is heavily inspired by Ruby’s, so it feels natural to read and easy to write, and has the added benefit of a lower learning curve for experienced Ruby devs.

very useful software: lightweight frontend to youtube.

experience it at:


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I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but there absolutely _needs_ to be a federated version of GitHub/GitLab.

Let me host my projects' critical infrastructure (issue tracker, PRs, private repos etc) on my own servers, while also being able to interact and socialize with the rest of the open source world.

I'll keep saying this until someone builds it - I would do it myself if I had enough time on my hands right now.

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Confidence – what if *everyone* is faking it?

this picture is from the [datasheet]( of superia 1600, which is the same, as i understand, natura 1600.

so what for is the fourth layer? we know the three: red, green, blue.
so we see that the fourth layer is sensitive in the area of greens.

now, question: who designed [x-trans sensor]( which contains more green reading elements? fuji, who applied the knowledge from film area to its digital designs.

>despite being fire-breathing creatures, dodongo dislike smoke.

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to have a 'verified' link on your profile, you need to do the following:

* on the page you're linking to, add a link to your mathstodon profile with a rel="me" attribute, e.g. `<a href="" rel="me">me on</a>`
* Edit your profile here, and add the link. If it's already there, you still need to go to the edit profile page and click "save changes" to trigger the verification
* that should be it!

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