hi im alfe and i'm an artist who aspires to be a freelancer, solo gamedev & music producer. right now i make art & music.

my other interests/things im interested in include aesthetics (memphis milano is one of my favs), retreaux photography, desktop customization, OS design, video games, vinyl toys, plushes, etc. i hope to be able to meet as many of yall as i can !

a sample of my artwork:

This voids the whole 'case' against Assange. Release him back to Australia. He can help fight corruption and fires there. https://twitter.com/SMaurizi/status/1219544336406323201

when i have no strength to concentrate to write something which requires more computational power than i have, i get satisfaction by gluing together such small programs like this:


Ever since I noticed the M key is just the W key flipped, using my Mac gives me the same grinding feeling as when I see terrible kerning.

interesting, in diaspora 6 votes,
33% - screen side down
67% - camera side down

on mastodon, 7 votes,

43% - screen side down
57% - camera side down

Kunstner frå Østre-toten i Innlandet kjent for sterke sjølvportrett i kampen mot anoreksi!

Anbefaler å sjekke ut!

Ho døyde veldig ung, 33 år gammal i fjord, 2019. Ho hugses og hedres her i Innlandet og nå har man moglegheita til å bli kjent med henne på lerretet.

Føkk anoreksi!

#anoreksi #film #LeneMarieFossen #kunst #art #mastoart #fediart #norge #norway #noreg #innlandet #oppland #fotografi #photography #kino

#windows7 😱

If you are looking to change your windows 7 installation as artist, why not go with Linux?

Linux is free of cost and will always have support for your computer. Really, it has never been a better time to make the switch! 😁

Here are two types of linuxes that might grab your attention:

1. @elementary elementary.io/

2. @ubuntustudio ubuntustudio.org/

#linux #opensource #mastoart #art #fediart #ubuntustudio #foss #elementary #elementaryOS #libresoftware #floss

The city of #Bern wants to keep Google and Microsoft out of their schools! 🎆

Schools are experimenting with Collabora (Nexcloud), Kolab, Mahara, Mattermost and Moodle. ❤️

Some, of course, complain for the minor incompatibilities, e.g., with MS Word, but they should blame themselves for not having used Open-Standards in the first place!

Full article (in German only):

If you know other cities running similar initiatives please reply.

FuckOff #GAFAM

Confronted with damning evidence, #Iran did the right thing. Admit it shot down a civilian airplane. Russia however still denies it did the same to #MH17.

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