Framasoft is looking for a contractor for a quite trivial development (Honeypot) for Gitlab.

Framasoft recherche un⋅e prestataire pour un développement relativement trivial (Honeypot) pour Gitlab

Infos : gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-

i think today is time for all engine's, and for as well, to adopt and/or , , protocols - become a part of [fediverse](en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedivers).

i hope will get more developer involvement because it has now.

Joke in Russia right now: the #covid19 vaccine Sputnik V has been tested on two people with a 50% success rate. Putins daughter and Alexei Nawalny.

էս տունը քանդել են ու ներկած պատն երեւում ա։

ի դէպ քանդելիս հնդիկներ էին աշխատում՝ մեր փայ միգրանտները։

From yesterday’s @RKI_de@twitter.com report. Numbers in #Germany are going down. Age of infection has shifted radically to the younger people and opening the borders for travel had quite a big effect (40% of infections). rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neua

6 out of 10 recovered #Covid19 patients have ongoing myocardial inflammation according to this research from Germany. It’s not age specific. It’s not connected to existing preconditions. jamanetwork.com/journals/jamac So please, ‪#WearAMask😷‬

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