in one of the arches of the yerevan state university, near the physics/mathematics side, along different writings and pictures, there was an inscription "i'm your computer". i never really understood what could that mean. someone said that it is cute and romantic.

when prime minister of armenia, nikol pashinian, was a political prisoner, the guy who worked in a prison and who was taking pashinian to the interrogations, are now working as pashinian’s guard.

the other case is: society did not understand well, when he appointed osipian to the position of police head - we did know osipian as a police guy from the different side of barricades.

now he works for new armenia.

one of the slogans of the revolution was 'policeman is ours'.

so it is.

each time, when i do a mistake, and ssh asks me

>Please type ‘yes’ or ‘no’:

i feel bad. ashamed of myself, because of what ssh can think of me. that i don’t know how to write.

>As I had understood it, Polaroid had special contracts (as did companies like Kodak) with governing bodies and regulatory agencies to allow the use of the chemicals that were environmentally damaging or those that had been linked to causing serious health issues (usually the same).

>When Polaroid went belly up, the agreements dissolved.

i have got [a couple of answers](

>old formulations that do not meet current environmental regulations
low volume compared to historical Polaroid purchases. Vendors are not interested.

so according to wikipedia

>In May 2017, Impossible's largest shareholder acquired the brand and intellectual property of the original Polaroid corporation.

old real polaroid papers where developing fast, in hand, like today's instax. but polaroid originals film still after update has to be developed for 15 minutes or something like that.


as peterson said, every chat is therapeutic. if it's not therapeutic, it's not a chat.

(actually he said: 'relationship').

>We’ve recently received notification from both Kodak and Ilford that they will be raising prices by between 5-7% on their film due to Brexit. Kodak Alaris and Ilford are both based out of the U.K. We will always try to keep prices as low as possible for the Georgian film community but on some film you may see a .50 - 1 lari increase in the coming months. You can thank English politics for this one unfortunately.

left are sceptical about large corporations and rights are sceptical about large governments, and they never notice that they both are sceptical about large.

Any #rustlang devs interested in porting the Mastodon streaming API from Node.js to Rust?

We would likely not be able to abandon the Node.js version completely for portability's sake, but there is no reason not to have a more performant drop-in for those who can install it.

The Node.js version consumes about 1GB of RAM for 21k connections.

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